Peter de Cupere 

Perhaps the most prolific olfactory artist today, Peter de Cupere has indeed been very busy recently! After engineering plant/flower scents for his olfactory installation “The Smell of a Stranger” at the 12th Biennial de la Habana, he has two new works at current exhibitions in Belgium: an 8m long olfactory art installation at Museum Texture Kortrijk with the scent Roten Eau de Leie, and “The Scent Reader” at Kunstenfestival Watou. Also, the catalog of the exhibition, The Smell of War, he curated in Poperinge is ready. It gives a nice overview of this unique exhibition, with text in English and Dutch. The exhibition runs until August 30th in De Lovie in Poperinge; here’s an evocative video of it. And this Saturday, July 25, he is conducting a “Scent City Walk” in Palermo, Italy. He is certainly putting his Olfactory Art Manifest into action!

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