In the Exhibition "AETHER", Smell is Required

Art and culture have already received many responsibilities in their long tradition: they are to serve as an expression of the people, fascinate, inspire, and form their identity. But above all, they are to remind people of their sensual and aesthetic essence. Neither sensuality nor aesthetics stop at national borders, religious differences or political motivations. Sensuality and aesthetics are essential components that lie hidden in every human being and distinguish us as individuals.
Our time is especially marked through its mediality. Vision and hearing are well supported; but what about our sense of smell?


Sebastian Pralle, master student of Prof. Ulrich Eller at the Braunschweig University of Art, has just devoted in his exhibition “AETHER” to this question. In a light, poetic, almost filigree type, the artist calls on the viewers to engage their sense of smell, to train and rediscover it. The artworks consists of smell tones (ash, curry, earth and pine wood) laid into pieces of paper.  Pralle developed the concept in close coordination with the architecture of the exhibition space of the Young Art Association. In this artistic installation based on the sense of smell perception, the audience is conceived as multi-sensory beings and ​​the aesthetics of the odor are experienced as material product.

Read more (in German) at:

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