Invisible Architecture: Scent Orientation


The Bern University of Arts is offering this fall a course under its Signaletik – Environmental Communication Design program titled Invisible Architecture: Scent OrientationThe course is lead by perfumer Vero Kern and Jean Odermatt, sociologist and communications designer.

The course aims to examine the effect of scents on the people scientifically as well as explore the applications and modes of operation of scents in our everyday and public life. It is comprised of four modules:

  1. Overview: “I smell, therefore I am” (2 days)
  2. “Scents Lab” (1 day)
  3. “Olfactory visualization” (1 day)
  4. “Olfactory Tasting” (2 days)

The course takes place from 23 September till 22 October 2016; the registration deadline is 23 August 2016. It costs CHF 1,750.- (plus 100.- VAT registration) and offers 4 credits.

For more info (in German) please see:

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