Pitti Fragranze N.14

OPENING TOMORROW IN FLORENCE!  This edition’s theme, Numbers & Flowers, is a truly fragrant “winning” combination, and there will be a series of projects and talk-events focusing on the “current state of olfactory art”


From Friday 9 to Sunday 11 September 2016, Pitti Immagine will present Pitti Fragranze, the fair-event that showcases the world’s finest artistic perfumery.

Fragranze, held in the Stazione Leopolda, is the outstanding observatory that offers a full view of the world of scents: the most exclusive essences with their finest artisan quality, the latest in beauty and wellness products, as well as cosmetics and sophisticated accessories made by more than 270 of the world’s best names in the industry.

Every year in September, the greatest names and the world’s most prestigious noses gather in Florence to discuss the latest developments on the olfactory scene and the myriad links between fragrances and contemporary lifestyles.

NUMBERS & FLOWERS, the new setting

If the language of numbers is one of the “codes” of the world of scents, the floral components play an essential role in creating a fragrance. At this edition of the fair, we shall be looking at the world as if it were a fragrant combination of flowers and numbers. Tying in with Pitti Lucky Numbers, the theme of the Pitti Immagine summer trade fairs, the new layout will make the abstract comprehensible and give form to the invisible, working on the concept that with the right numerical proportions an organic material can produce impalpable sensations. The Stazione Leopolda will blossom with flowers and numbers – with the fragrances immersed in a garden of symbols and graphics –  in the new layout designed by Alessandro Moradei.

More info at: http://www.pittimmagine.com/en/corporate/fairs/fragranze.html

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