Participation Request: #FutureSmell

Priscille Jotzu, a graduate student at the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK), is currently conducting cultural probes for her research project, RES-senti: Prospective Smells. For that, she would appreciate your input on the following:

The future. The future? How would you represent this reality to come but not yet there? With pictures or movies, several possibilities of the future were already given to see. But what about smells?

How would you represent smells in 20 years? Or rather, what would you like to smell – or not – in 20 years?

Whether they are smells that you already know, like or dislike, or even things that do not currently smell but could have an odor in years to come, capture pictures that represent this future for you, with a brief explanatory note.

On Instagram, label these pictures #FutureSmell; or send them directly to

Thank you for participating!

(Sample images from a Google Image Search for #future-smell)

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