Meet Ziemba, “The Musician Using Fragrance To Shape Time And Space”

Ziemba’s multisensory performances offer an alchemy that is both alien and familiar. The Brooklyn-based composer, perfumer, geographer, and vocalist builds oozy architectures for her songs using fragrance, costume, and only the most sincere theatrics. She recently founded Ardis Multiverse, a sonic fragrance imprint and artists alliance, and has spent the past year touring nationally and internationally in support of her debut album, “Hope is Never.” She is currently a fire organ artist-in-residence with Guerilla Science, and is hard at work on her forthcoming fragrance/mapping project/album/parallel universe.

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Musician René Kladzyk releases psychedelic music in the form of fragrance for a transformative experience:

The New York artist tells the story behind her new release: a sonic fragrance mist titled “A Door Into Ocean.”

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