Stephen Dirkes: Water Rights & Art Motel

Stephen Dirkes is an active olfactory artist who’s had a couple of shows in the past few weeks across the U.S:


At a residency at the Santa Fe Art Institute, Dirkes worked with a group of artists, film makers, & environmental activists (Kate Brown, Peter Bill, & Allyson Siwik) as the GILA COLLECTIVE to explore the 2017 theme of “Water Rights”. With the support of the Gila Conservation Coalition (GCC), they prepared several elements for an immersive gallery installation at the Gila River Festival in Silver City, NM on Sept. 21st – 24th, 2017. You can learn more about the month’s activities (creating scents, harvesting and distilling desert plants and river clay, making videos, creating installation devices and setting up exhibitions), and watch the videos, here:


Based on that research is RIVER, a new Eau de Parfum and environmental call-to-action to benefit GCC:


For another project, also last month, Dirkes collaborated with MEOW WOLF, an arts collective, on ART MOTEL, a 21-room immersive art installation in an abandoned downtown motel in Las Vegas. A 37 person team transported and installed the work of the Santa Fe based collective representing 100 odd artists for the LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL FESTIVAL September 22nd – 24th, 2017. You can see more images of the installation here:

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